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We take poetry, flash fiction and nonfiction, hybrid, art and anything else you have to offer.

We want work that's fluid and funky, connected and coiling. We love pieces about how we shape the land and how the land shapes us. We want to be pulled in and stuck with your words. We want a beaver dam of a piece that keeps the perfect amount of water in, art we can build and live in for years to come. Help us form this creative landscape with your lovely work!

Only send unpublished work. Simultaneous submissions are allowed. Please let us know if your work has been accepted elsewhere. 

We ask that you please wait six months between submissions.

Header Art: Content, Nazrene Alsiro

Submit here to have your poetry considered for our 2023 chapbook anthology, "Bodies: A Preservation of Land and Self." Feel free to interpret this theme as loosely or as literally as you'd like. We want to read it all!

We'd appreciate a single document (.doc, .docx, .pdf) with 3-5 poems, each beginning on a new page. While we love experimental work, keep in mind that these poems will be printed out and must fit on a page! We'd prefer shorter poetry considering the constraints of print publication, but will consider and try to work with whatever you'd like to send.

Payment for this anthology will be a contributors copy of the hand-bound chapbook sized collection. Send any questions to

We're so excited to read your poems!

Submit translations of any genre here! Feel free to include the source work as well. 

We're accepting submissions of 3-5 poems of any format to be considered for inclusion in our fifth issue.

We're accepting submissions of up to 3 pieces of flash fiction, creative nonfiction, or hybrid work of no more than 1,000 words each (though we do prefer brevity) to be considered for inclusion in our fifth issue.

We're accepting submissions of up to ten pieces of visual art of any media or style submitted either in pdf format or as individual jpegs to be considered for inclusion in our fifth issue. We would LOVE to see some comics, videos, or any other unconventional art.

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